RGB Color Mixer
created by Chris
This trick will demonstrate how color mixing works with your Little Robot Friends’ RGB LEDs.
download now RGB_Color_Mixer.zip (1.5Kb - ~5s.)
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Let’s get Mixing!

Red, green and blue; these are the primary colors our bot uses to mix all the other colors it’s eyes are capable of emitting. This trick turns your bot into a demonstration of how these colors mix.


Using the Trick

Here’s how to use this trick:

  • Download the code.
  • Upload the code using the Arduino IDE.
  • Tickle any of the touch sensors to increase the associated color values,
  • Tap any of the touch sensors to decrease that color.
  • Left is red, the hair sensor is green and the right side sensor is blue.
  • Perform a hug on the hair sensor to clear the colors.