Robot Says
created by Chris
Turn your robot into a game of Robot Says – play along to test your memory!
download now (1.5Kb - ~5s.)
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Beep, Boop, Bop!

Play a game of Robot Says with your Little Robot Friend. Test your memory by repeating the sequence of colours and sounds that your robot expresses.


Using the Trick

Here’s how to use this trick:

  • Download the code.
  • Upload the code using the Arduino IDE.
  • The robot’s eyes should be illuminated white.
  • Tap the robot’s hair sensor to get started – the robot will show you a series of colors.
  • Now, by using the 3 touch sensors you can respond back, the left hand side touch sensor is for red, the top hair sensor is for green and the right hand side touch sensor is for blue. Tap each of these in the same sequence that your robot showed you.
  • If you get the sequence wrong, the robot’s eyes will flash pink. You have 3 chances, get too many wrong answers and you’ll have to restart the game. See how far you can get!