Toothbrush Timer
created by Chris
This trick will let you know when you're done brushing your teeth.
download now (1.5Kb - ~5s.)
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Sparkling Clean

Need a helpful buddy to remind you to give your teeth a good clean? Upload this code to your Little Robot Friend to turn it into a tooth brush timer.


Using the Trick

Here’s how to use this trick:

  • Download the code.
  • Upload the code using the Arduino IDE.
  • Tap the hair sensor to start the timer, the robot’s eyes will turn bright purple, time to start brushing your top set of teeth!
  • At the one minute mark, the robot will flash its eyes to a blue, that means its time to switch to the bottom set of teeth.
  • After the full two minutes, the robot will cheer you on with a victory song, letting you know you are all done and your teeth are properly clean.