The Red, Green and Blue Status Lights


What are status LEDs? Where are they located?

There are three LED status lights on the Little Robot Friends base. A red, blue and green light. These indicate different states of the hardware. They are located on the left hand side of the base. Let’s take a look at what each one does!

The Red LED


The red light on the robot base is the charge indicator. This means that it will light up whenever your robot is connected to power and is charging its battery. Sometimes the red light will turn off even though the robot is plugged in, this means that the robot is fully charged. If the robot is turned on while charging, the red light might occasionally turn off and on.

  • Off: Robot is not charging / battery is full
  • Solid Red: Robot is charging

The Green LED


The green light on the base is the power indicator; it lights up any time the robot is turned on and has power. If your green light on your robot base is not turning on, the robot might require charging!

  • Off: Robot is turned off.
  • Solid Green: The robot is turned on.

The Blue LED


The blue light on the base shows the status of the WiFi. It can have a couple different states, let’s have a look:

  • Off: WiFi is turned off.
  • Flashing Blue: WiFi is turned on but the robot is not connected to any network.
  • Solid Blue: WiFi is turned on and the robot is connected to a network.