Playing with Your Robot



The Little Robot Friends can be played with in many ways! Even without being programmed, the robots have a variety of reactions to different inputs, which allow you to interact with robot and see its reaction! Below is a list of the way you can interact with the robot and some of the robot’s default behaviours.


The robot has three touch sensors that allow it to sense when it’s being touched. The robots like sensing your touch! You can give them a tap, tickle or hug on each of these sensors - a tap is one touch, a tickle is multiple taps and a hug is a long touch. Your robot reacts differently to each of these.





Your robot isn’t the biggest fan of the dark, put it in darkness and see how it reacts! Or play peek-a-boo buy covering the robot and then releasing it, the robot will react as it’s happier in the light. It can also sense bright light, so shine a flashlight at it to get it to react with surprise!


The robot is able to sense sound and can even get a fright from loud noises. Try shouting “BOO” to your robot and see how it reacts! The robot can also sense talking and might even start trying to chat with you if it hears you talk.


The Little Robot Friends can also sense movement; you can put your robot to sleep by laying it on its side. Give your robot some excitement by moving it around in the air or shake it and hear it react to the motion.


If you don’t play with your robot, you may hear it get bored - it’ll let you know as it starts to snore while its eyes glow blue. After a couple of snores the robot will go silent and will no longer react to inputs. To wake up the bot, just give it a shake, you’ll then hear the power up sound.