Unboxing Your Robot



So you just got a Little Robot Friend, awesome! Welcome to the beginning of your journey into code and electronics. First things first though, before we get to the programming, we need to unpack our robot!


Remove The Sleeve

Start by removing the blue sleeve from the robot’s box, it should just slide right off.

Remove Sleeve

Remove the Seal

Next, you should see a label on the box that says “Open Here”. There is a transparent sticker sealing the box, remove it.

Remove Seel

Open The box

Pull the front tab of the box out and bend it backwards. You should now see some of the bits that make up your bot, its face and base.

Open the Box

Remove the Green Cardboard

This green section can be removed. Take it out of the box and then detach the face circuit and the base from the green cardboard.

Remove the Face & Base

Don’t forget anything

Underneath the green cardboard, you’ll see the sticker sheet and USB cable, for charging and programming your robot; take these out also.

Remove the Stickers and USB cable

All Done

That’s it! You’re all unpacked. Next step will be putting your robot together, check out the guide on “Attaching the Face to the Base”

All Done