Coding with Little Robot Friends
Get started coding your robot with our Little Robot Friends library for Arduino!
Downloads | Installation and setup | Updating Firmware And Resetting Your Robot

Before you get started with coding your robot you’ll need to download a few things…

  1. Please download the latest Arduino IDE from their website. You can find their download page here.
  2. You’ll also need to download our Little Robot Friends Arduino Library

    LRF Library 2.0.2
Installation and Setup

We’ve created a couple videos to help guide you through the process of setting up Arduino with your Little Robot Friend.

The videos below describe how to:

  1. install Arduino
  2. install the Arduino SAMD boards package (required for programming your Little Robot Friend)
  3. install the Little Robot Friends Arduino Library
  4. how to explore and load the example code included with our library

Please view the video that corresponds with your computer’s operating system.

Getting started with Arduino on Mac OS (10.7+)

Getting started with Arduino on Windows (7/8/10)

Updating Firmware and Resetting Your Robot

Please make sure you’ve read and watched the installation and setup videos above, as you will need the Arduino IDE and Little Robot Friends Library setup to proceed.

Updating Your Robot to the latest firmware

To update your robot to the latest firmware simply install the latest Little Robot Friends library (download and instructions above). Then follow the instructions below for resetting your robot, which will load the updated firmware onto your robot.

Resetting Your Robot

To reset your robot to its default state please follow the following steps.

  1. Open Arduino
  2. Access the Little Robot Friends example sketch named “LRF_01-SetupAndLoop”. This can be found the under the file menu File > Examples > Little Robot Friends > LRF_01-SetupAndLoop
  3. Connect your robot to your computer using a micro-usb cable
  4. Set Arduino to connect to your robot by accessing the Tools menu and selecting your Little Robot Friend under Port. You should see something similar to the following under the menus:
    Tools > Port > /dev/cu.usbmodem##### (Little Robot Friend) (mac)
    Tools > Port > COM### (Little Robot Friends) (windows)
  5. Upload the sketch to your robot by pressing the Upload button on Arduino
  6. Once the upload is finished your robot will reboot and you should hear the Little Robot Friends start up jingle.

Your robot should now be reset.

If you’re having difficulty please checkout our support page for our FAQ and support contact!