Attaching the Face to the Base


Getting Started

To connect the face to the base, we need to apply some controlled pressure. It’s best to do this on a sturdy, flat surface - like a table.

Line it Up

Line up the face so that the back of the robot faces the same direction as power switch on the base.

Check the Pins

Make sure that the pins of the face line up nicely with the black holes of the base.

Press Down

Once you’re sure the two are aligned, press down firmly on the top of the face. You should feel it slide down into the base. You also should see the gold pins disappear into the base.

Give it a Shake

Confirm the face is attached properly to the base by giving your robot a gentle shake, if the face falls off easily, try attaching the base again!

Power Up!

That’s it! Now your robot is ready to be turned on, just flip the switch on the back of the base. If your robot doesn’t turn on, it might need a charge. Plug it in and try again.