How to Reset Your Robot to Default



When you load custom code onto your Little Robot Friend, it may no longer connect with the Little Robot Friends App. In order for you to restore this functionality, the robot must be reset to the default code.

Get Set Up

Below are the steps you can take to reset the robot to default code.

Connect your Little Robot Friend to your computer via USB.

Open the Arduino IDE.

Open up the Arduino application on your computer. If you’re on a Mac, it should be in the Applications folder. If you are on a PC, it’s in your Programs list in the Start Menu.

Arduino Logo

Confirm Your Board and Port Selection

Confirm your board selection to be Little Robot Friends. Arduino Board Selection

Confirm your port selection to be Little Robot Friends. Arduino Port Selection

Open the Base Example Code

Open the 1st example in the Little Robot Friend Example collection. “LRF_01-SetupAndLoopArduino Example Selection

Upload this code to your robot

Now, just click the upload button to write the default code to the robot base.

Arduino Upload

That’s it! Now your robot should connect to the App again and will behave as it regularly would.

It’s important to note that this will not reset any expressions that have been mapped via the Little Robot Friends App, as these are saved to the face of the robot.