Launching the Little Robot Friends App


What is the App?

The Little Robot Friends App is our beginner platform where kids age 7-10 can create unique expressions and upload them onto their robot. It’s the easiest way to transform the robots into fun characters like happy astronauts, evil cackling villains, and hungry hungry hippos. There’s no coding required!

Custom Characters

Launching the App

First, you’ll want to launch your Little Robot Friends App. You can do this by clicking on the icon on your desktop or in your application folder.


Once the App launches, it’ll look something like this:



Make sure you have the Little Robot Friends App installed. You can download it here.

Connecting Your Robot

Inside of your box, you have a USB cord. You’ll need to connect your Little Robot Friend to your device (PC, Mac, Chromebook) with the USB cord provided. When everything is all plugged in, turn on your robot by switching the little black power button at the back of the base circuit. A green light will appear and, on the screen, there should be an image of your character!



If you’re not sure what the LED status lights on your robot’s base circuit mean, go “here”.