What is Arduino?



You might be asking, what exactly is Arduino? It’s an open-source platform for communicating and controlling electronic hardware through code. The language used in Arduino is called C & C++. This is a text-based programming language that allows you to do tons of cool things with your robot’s sensors.

Don’t forget to download the Arduino Platform and our Little Robot Friends Library to get started. You can find the step-by-step installation guide here.

Overview of the Library

What is the Little Robot Friends Library? The library contains special code that can be used to create programs that control the robot’s inputs and outputs.

The library can be broken down into three parts:

  • The Hardware
  • The Core
  • The API

The Hardware

This is found in the boards.txt file in the library. This is what tells the Arduino IDE all about our robot and how to communicate with it.

The Core

The core is special code that we have written to make sure the robots do everything properly. The core code cannot be changed but we are continually updating it to improve your Little Robot Friend by making it work better, or have new functionality. You can find the core in the src/lib/lrf-core folder.


The API (or Application Program Interface) is the code that you can use and change to make your robot unique. These are the files that we’re going to be talking about. You can find these files in the src/lib/LittleRobotFriends folder.