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It’s time to learn all about your Little Robot Friends. Let’s get started!
Playing With Your Robot | Soldering Your Robot | Using the Little Robot Friends App
Playing with your Little Robot Friend

Watch our getting started video to learn everything you need to know about playing with your new Little Robot Friend.

Robot Rules


  • have fun & play with your robot.
  • get an adult’s help with soldering or using tools
  • charge your robot’s battery when it is tired (especially after taking it out of the box) remember to turn off your robot when you’re done.
  • update your robot’s firmware, download our free App & watch our YouTube channel.
  • take care with Ready to Make Kits and potentially harmful tools (soldering iron, snips, pliers)
  • be careful with any small / sharp parts.


  • get your robot wet, electronics do not like water.
  • drop or throw your robot, it could break!
  • get your robot too dirty, the sensors might stop working properly.
  • throw your robot in the garbage, its battery needs to be properly disposed.
Soldering Your Robot

Watch our video to get started soldering your Ready-to-Make Kit.

Before you start soldering, we highly recommend:

  • A soldering iron with a precision tip (some irons have swappable tips)
  • Fine gauge solder (we use 0.38mm. Lead-free is better, but leaded solder can be easier to work with)
  • Some prior experience / extra patience for the smaller parts.
  • Try to avoid applying constant heat to the kit.

If you have any questions during the assembly, ask us first!

Using the Little Robot Friends App

Want to customize your robot with our Little Robot Friends App?

The Little Robot Friends App allows you to quickly customize your robots without having to code. With this app, you can:

  • Give your robot a name!
  • Assign robot expressions (color lights and beep combination) to each action (tap, tickle, hug, shake, bored, lights on/off, etc.)
  • Edit or make new expressions for your robot

For absolute beginners, no coding required! Head on over to the app section!

Learn More About LRF APP